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How I went from hanging a mirror with a thumbtack to a DIY Queen

The day I got my keys to my house!

If you don't yet know me, then this post will give you the TLDR; of how I ended up here. In January of 2022, I decided that I wanted to invest my savings in real estate. I started listening to some great podcasts (Open House Austin & Bigger Pockets) and started educating myself on how to buy my first home. Fast forward to July 2022, I FINALLY had one of my 15+ offers accepted and purchased a single family attached house in San Diego. Navigating the crazy 2022 housing market was a journey in itself but so happy everything ended up working out how it was supposed to.

When I moved in end of July 2022, I felt so discouraged and limited because I didn't even own a hammer. Luckily, my amazing SD realtor and fellow girl boss, Shaylie Gilliand, gifted me with my first toolset and power drill. The first couple weeks I spent unpacking boxes and inviting some Hinge dates over to hang some curtains and mount some TVs. It was at this point when I started to feel so restricted with what I could and couldn't do. I felt like I couldn't make any progress in my house without a man doing it and started to feel so dependent on men. Finally, I had enough and on one of my final Hinge dates, I had him show me how to use a power drill so I could hang the rest of the curtains in my house. From then on, I have held an independent "can do" attitude and got to working on my house.

Hinge date took this picture after he taught me how to use the power drill

After a few months of smaller DIY house projects, I started to feel more confident in my abilities and realized I had a knack for flipping furniture. Unfortunately, my car is pretty small so I am currently only able to do nightstands and side tables. I am hoping that I am able to make enough of a profit this year to upgrade to a smaller SUV so I can start flipping more dressers and console tables.

Follow along on my journey to make my house a home and flip some furniture along the way!

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