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Easy Ways to Upscale Interior Doors

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Are your doors just smooth with an older doorknob? Add some moulding and a new handle and you will have a whole new door. Makes a HUGE impact to your space.

Replace Door Handles

Replacing door handles are incredibly easy. All you need is a screw driver and a new doorknob! Majority come with very simple instructions.

These are my favorites:

Add Moulding

Supplies needed:


  1. On a piece of paper, draw out your design before doing the same thing on the door but with the painters tape.

  2. Once you have a design you like, cut the scrap wood with the miter saw to the width you want between the edges and squares.

  3. Measure out each side of the picture frame and cut the moulding at 0 degree angle to start (straight). I always leave just a tinyyyyy bit more incase I mess up my 90 degree angle cut in step 4 but up to you.

  4. Switch the angle of the miter saw/scissors to 45 degrees and cut so each edge almost faces inward. To make it easier, I cut one side and flip it horizontally to get the same cut on the other side. Top and left sides it is easier to use the left 45 degree angle mark and bottom left sides it is easier to use the right 45 degree mark.

  5. Take the top piece of moulding and tape it into place with the painters tape once it looks level using the leveler. Complete this step for all sides - feels like doing a puzzle!

  6. Once you checked all sides are level and connected, then use your nail gun to secure it into place.

  7. Complete for the remaining rectangles - however many you decide! And don't forget to use the wood spacer.

  8. To make it look sleek, caulk around the edges to fill in all the gaps and cover the nail holes with wood filler.

  9. Once dry, you can paint over the moulding and caulk with whichever color the door is. If you are changing up the color, make sure to sand the area first!

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