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Transform your walls by adding moulding!

There is nothing that annoys me more than a blank wall. Everytime I see a wall, I instantly imagine all of the creative things I could do with it. One of my favorites is to add moulding to a statement wall behind a bed.

All you need is..

An "After" of the statement wall behind the master bed! Just love it.

Step 1 - Draw and Measure

Before getting started, measure the space you are working with and scribble on a piece of paper the design you want. In the above picture, I did 1.5 feet x 3 feet for most of the rectangles. In my master bedroom, the windows are weirdly spaced so I ended up having some smaller rectangles which I don't mind!

Step 2 - Make the Cuts

Head to Home Depot or Lowe's and measure out/cut using their provided hand saw how much moulding you need. I used moulding that was about 3 inches wide. I prefer to use my Miter Saw for more accurate cuts so I end up making rough cuts at Home Depot and doing the accurate cuts in my garage.

Step 3 - Nail the Cuts!

Next, you can finally get started using your Brad Nailer attaching the wood to the wall. As long as you have a good Brad Nailer, you really don't need too many nails. To make your life easier, I first nail all the vertical cuts and then starting at the top, work my way down with the horizontal cuts. Tip - Always use a level for each and every board! In an ideal world, you can a laser leveler which projects the laser on the wall for you.

This is now what your wall should look like! (minus the green of course!)

Step 4 - Caulk & fill!

Once you have all of the wood nailed into the wall, make sure to fill the little nail holes with wood filler and then caulk the would where it meets the wall for smooth look.

Step 5 - Paint!

Now to the best part, painting! Make sure to wait until the Caulk is dry though... Enjoy!

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